Code-a-Thon Winner: North Heights Junior High

by | Feb 13, 2017 | News team members traveled to Texarkana, AR last month to present Mrs. Massey’s winning class with their plaque for being the 2016 National Code-a-Thon champions. Over 600 students and staff participated in an all-school assembly at North Heights Junior High School to celebrate the great work her class did competing against more than 1,700 schools across the country.

Local news stations attended the assembly as well to learn more about North Heights Junior High’s achievements. An ABC news affiliate, KTBS 3 covered the story as well as KTAL NBC 6 with this video:


Coding has become a hot topic in the education space and we are thrilled with the level of participation in our first annual Code-a-Thon. At we love seeing our curriculum come alive in the classroom. It’s teachers like Mrs. Massey and educators from the other 1,700 schools that make our job so fun!

Here are some photos from the Code-a-Thon winner event.

Our Sally Robinson presenting the plaque to Mrs. Massey

Mrs. Massey was presented with a plaque by our very own Sally Robinson to commemorate her class’ achievement of having the highest average number of points per student.


A photo of the bulletin board

Mrs. Massey had her students involved and engaged throughout the Code-a-Thon and created a bulletin board with everyone’s progress.


A photo of the students.

Students hard at work in Mrs. Massey’s class.


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