Celebrate National School Librarian Day!

by | Apr 4, 2017 | News

Today is National School Librarian Day. We at are honored to recognize the efforts of our nation’s school librarians.

For me personally, the librarian in the small town I grew up in had a significant impact on my formative years. As the son of two educators, I learned to read at a very early age. Every summer, our librarian would select a large stack of books for me to read each week! Our weekly visits to the library to drop off the books I’d read, and see the new choices, was a highlight of my childhood.

As our world has increasingly “gone digital”, the role of libraries—and librarians—has both changed and remained the same. Librarians have always played an important part in helping patrons find resources to suit their needs, whether for academic research purposes or personal interest. That role continues today, but the sources that visitors are now searching for are increasingly digital.

As a result, school “media centers” have transformed into technological spaces. When looking at technology use in libraries, the Pew Research Internet Project found that patrons are increasingly thinking of libraries as community spaces that allow access to technology.

Additional studies found that 90% of Americans say that closing their local public library would have a significant impact on their community. In particular, libraries are seen as having significant benefit for lower-income citizens and those working in freelance positions.

At, we partner with school districts around the nation to help students, teachers and schools excel in a digital world. Our blended-learning programs are accessed in classrooms, but also in labs and media centers to help ensure students have access to high-quality programs for learning important digital literacy skills, including keyboarding, online safety, business applications (spreadsheets, presentations, word processing), and coding.

We value our partnerships with educators—including librarians—all over the country, and are grateful for their commitment to preparing students for success in our digital world.

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