Florida Regional Consortium Program

For the third year, Learning.com is partnering with NEFEC, PAEC, and HEC to support your district’s digital learning initiatives through the Florida Regional Consortium Program. Member districts and non-consortia qualifying schools will recieve digital literacy and curriculum management tools at no cost.

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Partnership Overview

EasyTech is self‐paced digital literacy curriculum for grades K‐8 that provides interactive lessons to help students develop the 21st century technology skills needed for academic success, including keyboarding, word processing, online safety, and coding.

EasyCode Basic is a plug-in to EasyTech that provides coding challenges for students to apply their computational thinking skills using a true programming language.

Inquiry uses a project-based approach to integrating technology into core subject instruction. It includes six projects per grade level in grades K-8 covering concepts in ELA, math, science, and social studies.

Curriculum Publisher helps districts build and share custom digital curriculum with a comprehensive set of tools that includes a repository of OER and other free digital resources. This new solution makes it simple to use digital content to meet instructional goals, facilitate personalized learning, and address budget challenges.

Learning.com’s assessment solutions can help your district meet the Online Assessment Readiness requirement in your Digital Classroom Plan.

21st Century Skills Assessment reliably tests elementary and middle school students’ grasp of 21st century skills, including technology operations, information literacy, digital citizenship, critical thinking, decision making, creativity, and innovation to inform instruction.

WayFind uses performance-based and multiple-choice questions to measure teachers’ 21st century teaching skills and includes professional development that addresses the ISTE Standards for Teachers.

Special discounted pricing is available for these additional solutions to help your district meet the requirement.

Digital Classroom Plan Funding

The Florida Department of Education provides each district with funding of at least $250,000 yearly to improve student performance through digital learning, professional development, and online assessments. In order to receive funding for the 2016-17 school year, districts must submit an updated Digital Classroom Plan by January 1st, 2017.

Your Digital Classroom Plan will need to show how your district will meet the following criteria:

  • Student Performance Outcomes: improve classroom teaching and learning to enable all students to be digital learners with access to digital tools and resources for the full integration of Florida Standards.
  • Digital Learning and Technology Infrastructure: high-level digital learning and technology strategies that will help achieve the goals of the district.
  • Professional Development: instructional personnel and staff shall have access to opportunities and training to assist with the integration of technology into classroom teaching.
  • Digital Tools: implement and support a digital tools system that assists district instructional personnel and staff in the management, assessment, and monitoring of student learning and performance.
  • Online Assessment Readiness: reduce the amount of time used for the administration of computer-based assessments.

To learn more about the Digital Classroom Plan: Download the Overview

To learn more about how Learning.com can support your Digital Classroom Plan: Download the Guide

Get started with your digital classroom plan using our sample plan: Download the Sample Plan

Professional Development

Professional development is provided face-to-face or online by Learning.com and/or the consortia.

My Digital Classroom Camps will cover:

  • Ensuring implementation success.
  • Leveraging Curriculum Foundry to manage digital content and OER resources.
  • Using Curriculum Foundry to create digital content and units.
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Each consortia participating district will need to complete and return their consortia specific enrollment form found below. Please note that the form must be signed by the participating district’s superintendent. Directions for submitting the completed and signed form can be found on page one of the form. If you have questions about the program or completing the form, please contact florida@learning.com.

NEFEC Enrollment Form
PAEC Enrollment Form
HEC Enrollment Form

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"Learning.com’s programs are a really good introduction to technology. Not just typing skills, but all the other skills and the terminology that students need to know to be familiar with computers."

Sherrell Cheatham - Technology & Intensive Math Teacher
Walton School District – Freeport, FL


Sherrell Cheatham - Technology & Intensive Math Teacher
Walton School District – Freeport, FL

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