Indiana School District

Students See Significant Proficiency Gains with EasyTech partnered with a school district in Indiana during the 2017-2018 school year to gauge whether access to digital skill instruction impacted student performance on the ISTEP+. The ISTEP+ is a computer-based standardized test administered each spring to middle and highschool students. 

Like other states, the transition to computer-based testing has incited the need for digital skills instruction to ensure students can navigate the assessment, use embedded tools to arrive at their answers, and efficiently respond to questions. In other words, computer-based tests dampen student performance because the mode of testing measures not only students’ knowledge and skills in core subject areas but their digital skills as well.’s EasyTech solution remediates this by engaging students in digital literacy curriculum that closes the digital skills gap. 


Does consistent use of EasyTech enhance student performance on Indiana’s computer-based standardized testISTEP+? 


For English Language Arts, the research study included 7,126 students in grades three through eleven across 22 schools. For Mathematics, the study consisted of 6,911 students in grades three through eleven from 22 schools.


Students were given access to EasyTech curriculum during the 2017-2018 school year. They were then categorized based on their usage of the platform. The categories included non-users and four ascending quartiles, with the first quartile being extremely low usage and the fourth quartile representing frequent users. Student performance on the ISTEP+ at the end of the year was then studied using these categories.


The ELA proficiency rates for top users of EasyTech were 2.8 times the proficiency rates of non and low users. The math proficiency rates for top users of EasyTech were 7.0 times the proficiency rates of non and low users.