Peoria Unified School District

Arizona District Increases Student Proficiency with EasyTech partnered with Peoria Unified School District in Glendale, Arizona to gauge whether access to digital skills instruction impacted student performance on the AZMERIT, which is an end-of-year standardized test the district administers online. Peoria Unified School District serves over 37,000 students across 34 elementary schools, seven high schools, and one non-traditional school.

On a national level, the transition to computer-based testing has negatively impacted student performance due to a digital skills gap that inhibits students in demonstrating their knowledge and skills in this environment.’s EasyTech solution remediates this by engaging students in digital literacy curriculum that closes the digital skills gap.


Does consistent use of EasyTech enhance student performance on Arizona’s computer-based standardized test, AZMerit?


For English Language Arts, the research study included 7,551 students in fourth through sixtgrade across 33 schools. For Mathematics, the study included 8,332 students in fourth through sixth grade across 33 schools. 


Students were given access to EasyTech curriculum during the 2015-2016 school year. Based on their usage of the platform during the 2017-2018 school year, they were categorized as either frequent or infrequent users of EasyTech. The categories included: 0-4 items launched, 5-9 items launched, 10-14 items launched, 15-20 items launched, more than 20 items launched. Student performance on the AZMERIT at the end of the year was then studied using these categories. 


The ELA proficiency rates for top users of EasyTech were 1.5 times the proficiency rates of non and low usersThe math proficiency rates for top users of EasyTech were 1.7 times the proficiency rates for non and low users.