When Learning.com first published “In Pursuit of Disruptive Tech Integration for Meaningful Learning” in 2019, none of us had any inkling of the enormous disruption lurking just around the corner. While the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly not an edtech innovation, it absolutely disrupted the education as we know it — perhaps more swiftly and more fully than any tech invention ever could.

After weeks or months of online-only learning, students, teachers, administrators and parents have returned to classrooms with greater access to devices and internet connection, as well as new digital skills. In that sense, the disruption in the classroom that we imagined when contemplating this white paper — the disruption that would require meaningful tech integration — has already happened. Technology was forcefully and somewhat chaotically integrated into every classroom, ready or not, in 2020.

Rather than make “In Pursuit of Disruptive Tech Integration for Meaningful Learning” obsolete, the pandemic made it even more urgent and important. With the immediate crisis now behind us, educators must assess how to thoughtfully and meaningfully integrate technology into their classrooms, creating a new normal. This prescient white paper is your guide for these times.

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