Computer Science for Middle School

Empower students with rigorous computer science curriculum that develops digital, problem-solving, and programming skill sets.

Computer Science is the Future

Meet State Requirements

States continue to adopt computer science frameworks that require the integration of this content area within all schools and districts.

Accelerate STEM Programs

Computer science accentuates the ‘technology’ in STEM and enables students to use technology as a problem-solving tool in science, engineering, and math content areas.

Propel Students to High-Paying Jobs

Adopting computer science programs encourages students to explore this field as a potential career path, which has high-paying salaries and rapidly growing job opportunities.

Empower All Students to Use Technology

Computer science enables students to become proficient technology users and digital creators, problem solvers, and innovators.

Transform Your Students into Computer Scientists

Computer science curriculum that develops students’ digital, problem-solving, and programming skills

Computing and Technology Basics

Develop students’ proficiency with computing systems.

Sudents will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of technology systems.
  • Practice responsible usage and troubleshoot problems.
  • Navigate data storage environments and different file formats.
  • Model the basic infrastructure of networks.
  • Utilize technology to facilitate personalized learning experiences.
Computational Thinking

Advance students’ problem-solving skills.

Students will be able to:

  • Assess problems and develop problem statements.
  • Determine how algorithms can be used to solve problems.
  • Gather, organize, and visualize data.
  • Apply iterative problem-solving techniques with modeling, simulation, and prototyping.
  • Demonstrate a disposition amenable to open-ended problem solving.

Build career-ready coding skills for students.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify how algorithms relate to computer programming.
  • Develop programs that include sequencing, loops, and conditionals.
  • Collaborate with peers on text-based program development.
  • Systematically test algorithms to identify and correct errors.
Digital Citizenship

Enable students to develop safe and productive online learning networks.

Students will be able to:

  • Make responsible and ethical decisions online
  • Practice effective strategies to protect personal data.
  • Identify the positive and negative effects of digital technologies.
  • Demonstrate respect for intellectual property and copyright laws.
  • Create, share, and utilize collaborative workspaces,

Explore the Content Areas

The curriculum is available as a comprehensive solution or by individual content areas.

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Edinburg CISD is selective in ensuring we give our students and staff the best quality education possible… provides us with the support we need to ensure our successes continue to happen in our district.

Gina Alamia, Technology Integration Specialist Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Edinburg, Texas  

After many failed attempts at rummaging together a cohesive instructional technology curriculum, we found EasyTech and It is a one-stop shop for Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding, Productivity Tools, Coding and so much more. It is linked to the Common Core and a Scope and Sequence is provided for novice teachers to follow. Our teachers have moved from tears and frustration to happy and successful Instructional Technology educators. Our teachers couldn’t be happier and our students’ engagement is higher than it has ever been. Thank you!

Barb Moses, Director of Instructional Technology Toppenish School District Toppenish, Washington  

With EasyTech’s curriculum map in hand, digital literacy skills are available for every teacher, for every classroom, and for every student.

David Chavez, Jeff Alleman Alleghany County Public Schools Alleghany County, Virginia  

Invest in Digital Equity

Strategic Technology Integration
Develop students’ and teachers’ digital skills to take full advantage of your school’s technology investment and enhance the efficacy of technology integration.
Lifelong Digital Literacy
Bridge the digital readiness gap by equipping students with the essential skills needed to live and work in the digital world.
Hands-On, 21st-Century Skills Practice
Overcome the digital use divide with curriculum that affords all students the opportunity to problem solve and create with technology.
Screenshot of the word processing instructional solution.

Optimize Teaching with Evidence-Backed Curriculum

Screenshot of the word processing instructional solution.
High-Quality Curriculum Vetted by Experts
Deploy curriculum that is developed and maintained by educators specializing in instructional design and technology integration and that received an ISTE Seal of Alignment.
Alignment to National and State Technology Standards
Align to ISTE, CSTA, and state technology and digital literacy standards, and help students meet core standards with embedded technology practice.
Centralized Curriculum from Leading Content Providers
Gain access to proprietary curriculum published by our partners, including Common Sense Media, Codesters, and CoderZ, all deployed in’s award-winning platform.

Create Student-Centered Learning Experiences

Mastery Learning
Support mastery learning with adaptive content that guides students based on performance through corrective, personalized activities; interactive and gamified lessons that provide immediate feedback; and pre- and post-tests to identify where support is needed
Student-Led Content
Invest students in their learning process with student-led activities, individualized pacing, and opportunities for independent practice.
Authentic Classroom Projects
Enhance the learning experience with collaborative, plugged and unplugged projects that offer opportunities for authentic, hands-on practice with the material.
Screenshot of the word processing instructional solution.

Make Classroom Technology Work for You

Screenshot of the word processing instructional solution.
Comprehensive Suite of Planning Materials
Save valuable planning time with pre-built pacing calendars, detailed scope and sequences, and digital lesson plans.
In-Depth Instructional Support
Empower teachers with in-depth support materials so they don’t need prior experience with the content, feel confident integrating it in class, and can even learn alongside students.
Year-Over-Year Reporting
Measure student performance at an individual, classroom, and district level and gauge growth with year-over-year reporting.

Break down barriers to future readiness for your students.

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