Zion Elementary School District 6

Illinois Elementary School District Brings Importance Back to Labs With EasyTech

In 2008, instruction in Zion Elementary School District’s tech labs lacked organization and cohesion. Budget cuts meant the labs were staffed by non-certified teaching aides, and the highly mobile, low-income student population was desperately in need of foundational technology skills.

The district turned to Learning.com’s EasyTech. The ready-made lessons were simple for non-certified teaching aides to deliver consistently and effectively, and the web-based application worked seamlessly with Zion’s Chromebox-populated tech labs. Administrators sequenced EasyTech lessons in accordance with CCSS benchmarks, and lab staff began introducing basic technology lessons to lower grades. Now, students are more engaged in the lessons, while teachers are confident about the time their students spend at the computer lab and have seen gains in student knowledge.

“You can’t assume all the kids know how to use technology fluently. Even if students know how to text with two thumbs on a phone, that doesn’t mean they can type efficiently enough to write a paper in a single sitting.”

District Name:
Zion Elementary School District 6

District Size:
2,681 Students

Zion, Illinois

Solutions Utilized:

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