Tipton Community School District

Iowa Students Having Fun While Learning 21st Century Skills

Tipton Community School District spent five years piloting different solutions after their server-based technology program become obsolete in 2007, searching for one that met the 21st century skills requirement of the Iowa Core curriculum. The challenge was in finding a product that would not only teach basic skills such as keyboarding, but would also cover more nuanced skills like vetting resources and online etiquette.

The district selected EasyTech from Learning.com, attracted to the continuously updated web-based lessons and focus on digital citizenship. With past programs, students struggling to master skills had slipped through the gap, but with EasyTech, teachers were immediately alerted to student progress, and could assign prescriptive exercises to the students who needed them. Students can easily log in from home, and teachers report that students enjoy their homework, and often choose EasyTech over other games during free computer time.

“21st century technology use requires more than just word processing skills; it’s about finding valid and reliable resources online, understanding online etiquette, knowing copyright laws, taking technology and applying it to different situations.”

District Name:
Tipton Community School District

District Size:
834 Students

Tipton, Iowa

Solutions Utilized:
21st Century Skills Assessment

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