Richland School District Two

Digital Evaluation Tool Analyzes Information Fluency in South Carolina District

Administrators at the 27,000-student Richland School District Two in South Carolina had implemented a 1:1 environment in order to improve students’ 21st century skills. They used surveys and classroom observation periods to measure progress toward their instructional goals, but found those methods lacking when it came to measuring students’ grasp of 21st century skills.

The district turned to’s 21st Century Skills Assessment, a psychometrically validated blend of interactive, performance-based questions designed to analyze students’ ability to make decisions and think critically, as well as assessing skills in alignment with the ISTE Standards for Students. The assessment’s comprehensive reports have allowed administrators to evaluate student progress and view trends from school to school, which has given them the ability to develop highly-targeted instructional plans.

“We were very happy with the content and information we would gain. We also liked that we would be able to compare our students with other students in the country.”

District Name:
Richland School District Two

District Size:
24,000 Students

Columbia, South Carolina

Solutions Utilized:
21st Century Skills Assessment

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