Pasadena ISD

Texas District Takes a Project-based Approach to Integrating Technology into Core Instruction

Pasadena ISD, a long-time customer, wanted to do more to engage students and incorporate technology instruction into the core curriculum. When asked to pilot’s project-based Inquiry curriculum, the district leapt at the chance.

Inquiry’s project-based lessons allowed students to immediately apply what they learned to a final product, an approach that resulted in increasingly motivated students. The hands-on lessons engaged even the youngest students in the district, and teachers found that Inquiry’s vocabulary support and clear lesson plans were easy to follow — even for aides who were not accustomed to leading instruction. Administrators also noted that the curriculum helped facilitate higher-order thinking in students.

“The nice thing about Inquiry is that it moves students toward higher-order thinking and away from rote instruction. It’s helpful for developing the 21st century skills, like critical thinking, that students need.”

District Name:
Pasadena Independent School District

District Size:
54,000 Students

Pasadena, Texas

Solutions Utilized:

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