North Providence School District

Rhode Island District Undergoes Two-Year Technology Transformation

In 2012, a budgetary crisis had left North Providence School District with only bare-bones technology — yet the district was facing high stakes online tests like PARCC. The district’s new superintendent had only two years to update the district’s technology infrastructure and instruction in order to fill students’ knowledge gaps.

Already familiar with’s EasyTech curriculum, Superintendent Melinda Smith knew it was the budget-friendly option to teach students 21st century skills. The district enlisted the help of its librarians to create media centers out of the libraries, and begin using EasyTech lessons with the students. North Providence third grade students took the PARCC pilot assessments after only completing 10 EasyTech lessons. Administrators found that as a result of the EasyTech lessons, students had made huge strides when demonstrating their knowledge in the new online format.

“Having used the EasyTech curriculum at my previous district, I knew the program would effectively get our students up to speed with their technology skills.”

District Name:
North Providence School District

District Size:
3,289 Students

North Providence, Rhode Island

Solutions Utilized:

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