New Brunswick Public Schools

New Jersey District Empowers Classroom Teachers to Teach Technology

New Brunswick School District was faced with the need to implement technology instruction while lacking the budget to hire dedicated technology teachers. Looking for a tool to empower classroom teachers to teach technology, they turned to’s EasyTech in 2012.

In 2014, the district wanted to advance their implementation to integrate technology into the core curriculum. The solution was Inquiry,’s project-based curriculum, which integrates technology skills into core subject instruction with engaging student projects. Teachers were won over as they saw how easily Inquiry projects fit into their existing lesson plans, and students were more engaged than when the technology was taught in isolation.

“I want technology to be a resource within an overall content-based project, I don’t want it to be labeled as a tech project.”

District Name:
New Brunswick Public Schools

District Size:
7,657 Students

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Solutions Utilized:

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