Maryville City Schools

Tennessee Educators Embrace a Completely Digital District

How does one of the highest academically performing districts in the state of Tennessee go about choosing the right digital curriculum for more than 5,200 students in K-12? Assistant Director of Schools for Maryville City Schools, Amy Vagnier, did substantial research to find the best technology tools to use throughout their district.

Three years ago, Vagnier identified’s digital curriculum solutions, EasyTech and 21st Century Skills Assessments, as a strong technology partner and curriculum in helping them reach significant student achievements and growth for digital literacy. In a sea of educational technology resources and curriculum software options, stood out as a solution that would work today, and help carry them into the future.

“We have been slow and selective choosing our software resources and tools, to raise the technology bar for our students and teachers,” states Vagnier.  “ happened to be one partner and product we liked right away.”

District Name:
Maryville City Schools

District Size:
5,200 Students

Maryville, Tennessee

Solutions Utilized:
21st Century Skills Assessment

Look no further. Get started today!

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