Half Hollow Hills School District

Long Island Students Develop Crucial 21st Century Skills

Administrators at Half Hollow Hills Central School District were seeking a way to prepare students taking next-generation assessments such as PARCC. They were especially interested in a curriculum that would address different learning styles in their diverse student body. They chose Learning.com’s EasyTech for grades K-8.

The digital literacy lessons integrated seamlessly with core instruction, and the self-paced lessons meant that students could re-watch instructional videos or request more content on a particular topic that requires more attention. Because material is presented in a variety of formats, students with different learning styles are able to master the lessons. Teachers have gotten on board with the program, appreciating that the lessons aren’t in addition to their existing lessons plans, but rather will integrate into them.

“This program is motivating. It’s addressing Common Core standards in an organized fashion. Students can rewind the short instructional videos if they don’t understand something, and a teacher can easily add more content to a particular topic.”

District Name:
Half Hollow Hills School District

District Size:
9,882 Students

Long Island, New York

Solutions Utilized:
21st Century Skills Assessment

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