Danville Elementary School

Danville Elementary Organizes Cybersafety Field Day Equipped with EasyTech

When Danville Elementary School organized a school-wide Cybersafety Field Day event, Learning.com’s EasyTech curriculum proved to be the perfect partner to help the school share a strong message about cyberbullying prevention.

With its comprehensive curriculum and platform appeal, dedicated technology instructor Bill Doughty was able to use EasyTech to teach students how to deal with cyberbullying from a STEM project perspective. He had the older students look at the problem as an issue they needed to solve by educating the younger students at the school.

The EasyTech solution provided his students with very engaging learning opportunities. From lesson plans and videos to application exercises and activities, he watched his students interact, collaborate, and create projects that demonstrated what they learned. Not only was it fun, but it was empowering to put students in charge and let them be the experts on a sensitive topic that touches more of his students’ lives than he was aware of.

District Name:
Timberlane Regional School District

District Size:
3,700 Students

Plaistow, New Hampshire

Solutions Utilized:

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