Chandler USD

Chandler Schools Use EasyTech to Create Instructional Equity for All Students

In a district that spans over 80 miles, Chandler schools in Arizona made the decision to use EasyTech as a solution to remove teaching and curriculum barriers and level the playing field for all students through equitable access to quality digital literacy instruction.

In addition to using EasyTech to help provide a quality digital literacy curriculum, the district also hired 30 new technology teachers in 2017 to coach and model technology integration with their K-6 teachers. This innovative integration model is one they designed to make sure a diverse body of students was getting the best technology training possible to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world.

“We knew that our state is moving to online testing, for grades 3-12. We knew that was going to be a challenge and our superintendent and school board knew we had to get our students ready for that,” said Cristen Marceau, Instructional Technology Specialist for the district. “We did not want our students struggling with how to open a tab, how to highlight text, or how to keyboard. We had to get 21st century digital literacy skills delivered to our students as soon as possible.”

District Name:
Chandler Unified School District

District Size:
44,500 Students

Chandler, Arizona

Solutions Utilized:

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