Carteret Middle School

N.J. Middle School Creates ‘Win-Win’ by Incorporating Technology into Social Studies

Administrators at Carteret Middle School knew that recent budget cuts, which had reduced keyboarding and technology instruction at the elementary school level, would create problems for students taking the new PARCC assessments; students were struggling with typing assignments and other technology skills needed to demonstrate their knowledge.

The district decided to adopt a course that allowed students to practice their technology skills while learning core subjects, and committed to a three-year program with’s EasyTech. For the first year, they implemented the program in a social studies class with a 1:1 learning environment. EasyTech lessons were tied to current events, and all student activity was facilitated through the platform. After less than a year, administrators saw increased student engagement in the curriculum, and improved technology skills.

“With schools preparing students for online tests, they’ll need a program that integrates technology into everyday instruction.”

District Name:
Carteret Middle School

District Size:
864 Students

Carteret, New Jersey

Solutions Utilized:

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