Bridesburg Elementary School

Philadelphia Educator Reinvents Computer Lab with EasyTech

Bridesburg Elementary School had been using disc-based software such as Microsoft Office in their computer labs, but faced the challenge of developing lessons to help students master the programs. Students were regularly frustrated and overwhelmed as technology skills were taught in isolation. A technology specialist set out to transform the district’s labs, and chose’s EasyTech as the solution.

With EasyTech’s structured lessons and videos, students now receive more consistent instruction and are able to move at their own pace. Lessons and activities that used to take multiple sessions are being completed in one 45-minute session, and student interest in the technology lessons is growing.

“The lessons are short, sweet and interactive. It makes everything I do easier and faster. This is the first time I’ve seen students relate the lessons to real-life software like Word and Excel.”

District Name:
Bridesburg Elementary School

District Size:
565 Students

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Solutions Utilized:

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