Curriculum Foundry

Seamlessly access, organize, and
share digital content.

This new solution provides districts with a searchable content repository and tools to build and share curriculum. Curriculum Foundry helps districts use digital content to meet their instructional goals, facilitate personalized learning, and address budget challenges.

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Easily Provide Teachers with Quality Digital Content

Curriculum Foundry is a digital content solution that provides districts access to a searchable content repository pre-populated with vetted open educational resources (OER) and other free digital resources. The repository can also be enhanced to include collections of digital content districts already have licenses for and content they have created.

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Features & Benefits

  • Supports districts’ use of digital content to meet instructional goals
  • Facilitates personalized learning
  • Helps districts address budget challenges
  • Offers access to vetted digital resources for grades K-12 in core subject areas
  • Provides search option to easily find content by standard, grade, and subject
  • Allows districts to enhance the repository with their licensed digital content
  • Delivers a toolset to help districts build their own lessons, units, and courses
  • Enables districts to share curriculum with entire district or a select number of schools

Meet Students’ Needs

Using Curriculum Foundry’s comprehensive set of tools, districts can build and share their own curriculum to meet their instructional goals. Teachers can assign curriculum to entire classes, groups, or individual students. They can also customize curriculum and supplement with additional content from the repository to personalize instruction. The single sign-on feature allows students to access a district’s entire digital curriculum without multiple logins.

Save Time and Money

Many districts want to use free digital content to address budget challenges but may not have an effective way to find and implement it. Curriculum Foundry provides districts with easy access to standards-aligned OER and provides the tools they need to make the most of free content.

Make digital content work for your district!