Digital Content
Management Tools

Build custom digital curriculum assets and share them across your entire district.

Our digital content management tools can help you organize and implement digital content from a variety of sources to engage students and save time in the classroom.

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Maximize Your District’s Investment in Digital Content

Custom Curriculum Publishing is a tool used with the platform that allows you to organize your district’s digital content into ready-to-assign lessons, units, or courses. These curriculum assets can be easily shared across your entire district or with a select number of schools.

Features & Benefits

  • Helps educators use digital content to support curriculum objectives
  • Allows districts to organize existing digital content into lessons, units or courses
  • Curriculum assets can be shared with entire district or select of schools
  • Teachers can use share items as is, or supplement with additional content before assigning to students
  • Single sign-on functionality of the platform helps students easily access digital content from a variety of sources
  • Includes resources to get started, including sample courses, how-to videos, and guides
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Easily Organize and Share

By sharing your own digital curriculum assets, you can help support your district’s instructional goals, such as supporting new standards, preparing students for online assessments, integrating technology into core instruction, or implementing project-based learning.

Save time in the Classroom

Custom Curriculum Publishing helps districts increase the availability of digital content and makes it simpler for teachers to implement in the classroom. The single sign-on functionality of the platform helps students easily access digital content from a variety of sources.

Hit the Ground Running

To help you get started, Custom Curriculum Publishing includes templates, sample course, units, and lessons containing standards-aligned items, as well as training videos and user guides.

Find the Right Digital Resources for Your Students

Our digital content marketplace offers a growing catalog of more than 350,000 digital resources. Access free and fee-based content from over 80 industry-leading publishers or find high-quality, user-generated content created by teachers for teachers. Find content for all subject areas across grades K-8 – all in one place.

  • Discovery Education Logo

    Discovery Education – Engage students through dynamic curricular resources created by the Discovery Channel.

  • SAS Logo

    SAS Curriculum Pathways – Engaging standards-based resources in all the core subjects.

  • Bongo Logo

    Bongo – Integrate critical thinking skills into math and science with these fun activities.

  • Elesapiens Logo

    Elesapiens – Infuse environmental literacy into all core subjects with this supplementary curriculum.

  • Glogster Logo

    Glogster – Students create online multimedia posters with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, data attachments and more.

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