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Inquiry is our newest 100% aligned TA-TEKS curriculum for grades K-8 that takes a project-based approach to integrating technology into instruction and has been adopted under Proclamation 2014.

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Project-based Learning for Desktop or Tablet
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Integrate Technology Into Every Classroom

Inquiry is our new 100% aligned TA-TEKS curriculum for grades K-8 that has been adopted under Proclamation 2014. Inquiry makes it easy to integrate the TA-TEKS into daily instruction.

Move to a Project-based Approach

Research supports that project-based learning is an effective instructional method to improve student motivation and retention of information. Inquiry’s projects introduce an essential question that students work to solve by conducting researching, collaborating with classmates, and creating digital media. This approach helps students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that help prepare students for college and career in today’s digital world. Inquiry helps districts incorporate project-based learning without additional preparation time.

Ensure Students Have the Skills They Need for Success

Before beginning each project, a pretest assesses if the student has the technology skills required for the project. Based on the results, interactive technology lessons from EasyTech are automatically assigned. While Inquiry meets 100% of the TA-TEKS, it takes technology education to the next level by enabling students to apply and demonstrate their technology skills through interesting core subject projects.

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A Complete Solution for Texas Educators

Inquiry’s curriculum includes six ready-to-go projects per grade level covering concepts in ELA, math, science, and social studies. As a key component of project-based learning, Inquiry also features Reflections. After finishing a project, students complete a short reflection assignment to evaluate their work. Comprehensive guides, extension ideas, and implementation strategies for teachers are also included.

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Learning List Review

Inquiry Texas version has been reviewed by LearningList which provides independent reviews of K-12 instructional materials for schools and districts. To see Learning List’s professional reviews and alignment reports for our products, go to

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Help Your Students Master the TA-TEKS

EasyTech helps students develop the technology skills needed for college and the workforce while they study core subjects. EasyTech is a complete digital literacy curriculum that features self-paced lessons and games to practice skills; activities to reinforce concepts; and journals and quizzes to check for understanding.

Features and Benefits

  • Detailed instruction for core technology skills: keyboarding, word processing, web browsing, and more
  • Grade-appropriate, guided instruction with immediate feedback and automatic scoring
  • Online safety instruction and compliance reporting that exceeds E-Rate requirements
  • Lessons that reflect current representations of technology and software
  • Aligned with TA-TEKS for grades K-8
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Content is web-delivered with no downloads or software installs required

EasyTech is Tablet-Ready

The app provides students with access to EasyTech lessons on iPad® and Android® tablet devices. The app helps teachers leverage EasyTech in a BYOD or 1:1 setting. Find the app on the Apple Store, Google Play, and Amazon.


Introducing TIME

Texas Instructional Materials Exchange (TIME) is an initiative of the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) in partnership with TIME allows Texas educators to find, manage, and assign over 350,000 free and paid digital learning objects from over 80 premium providers, including NASA, The Discovery Channel, LEGO Education, The Smithsonian Institution, and many more.

Features and Benefits

  • Find free and fee-based TEKS-aligned content
  • Utilize digital content, courses, and learning objects from a variety of publishers and collections, with a single sign on
  • Purchase premium content with credit card or purchase order
  • Track student use, completion, and level of mastery for each digital course, asset, or learning object that is delivered directly to a student
  • Create, share, align, and review teacher-created
    curricular resources
  • Integrate content accessed in TIME with existing district learning management systems or use TIME to deliver and track content

TCEA Tech Assessment for all Texas Districts

Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) will collaborate with to offer a technology literacy assessment to all eighth-grade students across the state at no cost to districts.

In support of the TCEA statewide Technology Literacy Assessment, is offering substantial savings on products to boost technology literacy in Texas. For information, visit the TCEA website.

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Texas TIME
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