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Some may regard business applications as a nice-to-have, not a must-have, but the truth is 78% of middle-skill job openings require knowledge of digital productivity tools such as spreadsheets and word-processing. The world your students are launching into will require them to understand these and many other business applications.

Our Business Applications Solution:

  • Offers an introduction and foundational understanding of spreadsheets, word processing and presentations
  • Covers common word processing functions in a generic software environment
  • Helps students learn to track, organize and present data within a spreadsheet, as well as teaching basic database functions
  • Presents the elements of a successful presentation, including best practices, effective language and compelling graphics
  • Introduces students to multimedia tools including desktop publishing, graphic design and video editing
  • Includes self-scoring exercises and lesson plans to help teachers who aren’t trained to teach business applications confidently support their students


of employed Americans use digital technology daily


of professionals say presentation skills are vital


higher wages for users who learn Word and Excel

"It’s not just ‘Here’s your home row; now type the letters.’ Science, math, and language arts are embedded within digital literacy lessons, so the kids are learning how to manipulate a spreadsheet or Word document, while simultaneously developing literacy or math skills."

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Dawn Siech - Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Tipton Community School District, IA


Dawn Siech - Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Tipton Community School District, IA

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Business Applications in Action

Do your students have the key digital literacy skills needed for their future? Watch this video to learn how’s Business Applications solution prepares your students for the demands of high school, college, and the workforce by introducing them to applications including spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, databases, and multimedia.

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