Professional Development for 21st Century Educators

The changes and challenges K-12 educators face today are unprecedented – aligning instruction to Common Core, preparing students for PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, moving to digital content, incorporating project-based learning, and more. has been a leader in delivering digital content to districts and schools for over 10 years and we recognize that each state, district, school, and classroom is different. From implementation services to targeted professional development workshops, we take a consultative approach to designing a unique solution to meet your needs. is a leader in delivering digital content and assessments to districts and schools. Through our Education Services department, we provide onsite or web-delivered professional development workshops from trainers that have first-hand experience in the education field. Let us help you address your specific challenges and reach your unique instructional goals.

Online and in-person workshops:

Getting Started: for Administrators
Designed specifically for those in an administrative capacity, this workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the platform. Participants will gain a deep understanding of products, curriculum items, and all administrative functions, as well as best practices to ensure a successful implementation.

Getting Started: for Teachers and Academic Coaches
This hands-on workshop will provide an in-depth introduction to the products and tools in the platform. Participants will learn how to set up classes, assign content, and become comfortable with the products, platform, and teacher management functions. This session will also provide instructions on how to use My Curriculum tools to create interactive, media-rich content that can be customized in order to engage students and address instructional goals.

Technology in the Classroom:

Advanced Implementation and Integration
Developed as a follow-up to the Getting Started session, this workshop will help teachers build strong and supportive implementation plans for true technology integration. Participants will discover proven strategies to incorporating technology into their day-to-day classroom practices, evaluating their district’s technology standards and goals, deciding what curriculum should be introduced and reinforced, and determining how to best implement solutions.

Digital Literacy:

Why Students Need it and How to Teach it
In this workshop, teachers and administrators will gain a deep understanding of digital literacy and why it is critical to student success on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, state-specific standards, in college, and beyond. Participants will learn to use the tools in the platform to create lessons and projects that integrate all available resources to help students develop digital literacy skills. Assessments:

Planning and Administration
This workshop is designed for educators who are beginning their assessment implementation. Participants will discover why assessments are important and how to effectively proctor them. They will then learn how to create classes, enroll students, and set up assessment events, as well as access and interpret assessment results. Every workshop is aligned to specific state standards and tailored to support each district’s curriculum. Assessments:

Getting the Most out of your Data
Specifically designed for administrators, this workshop provides guidance and assistance in evaluating and analyzing data from the 21st Century Skills Assessment, Tech Literacy Assessment, and WayFind Teacher Assessment. Particpants will learn how to utilize the platform resources to address student needs and prepare for PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, as well as provide targeted professional development for teachers.

Integrating a Project-Based Approach:

Getting Started with Inquiry
Developed as an introduction to a project-based approach to teaching and learning, this workshop will show how this approach helps strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to prepare students for success on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments and for success in meeting state standards. Participants will learn how to utilize Inquiry to move towards a project-based approach and integrate technology into core curriculum instruction.

Family Engagement:

Home and School Connections
This workshop is ideal for districts interested in utilizing technology while promoting the home and school connection. Teachers will learn how to involve families with the solutions and curriculum, create opportunities for families to integrate technology at home, such as implementing a family technology night, and strategize ways to involve families in their child’s education.

My Curriculum:

Taking your Curriculum Online
This workshop provides an in-depth look at how to use advanced tools to create standards-aligned curriculum items that integrate new and existing resources. Participants will learn how to use My Curriculum tools to create projects that provide a context and application for core curriculum content and technology ideas, encouraging students to think critically.

Custom Curriculum Publishing:

Mapping the Curriculum
In this workshop, participants develop sequenced and district-aligned units that incorporate a variety of resources. Participants utilize the Custom Curriculum Publishing tool to combine products, teacher-created curriculum items, and other district resources into units that can be shared with all teachers for district-wide consistency.

Our Account Managers can provide recommendations for a successful implementation or help create a customized implementation plan, which includes a district-wide and year-long guide on how to make the most of your solution. Implementation solutions can be customized to meet your needs and can include:

  • Assistance throughout the course of your project
  • Ongoing communication with your key participants
  • Assistance with design and planning for the project
  • Development of Custom Curriculum Units with CCP
  • Assist with, and/or delivery of, professional development workshop(s)
  • Best practices/strategies for a successful implementation
  • Assistance with user account imports
  • System requirement check to ensure smooth online testing
  • Reporting on usage, curriculum progress, and student performance
  • Statewide and annual reporting
  • Participate in all evaluation projects
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