Learning.com meets the middle school STEM challenge

Economic forecasters increasingly identify STEM education as a key to unlocking American productivity and competitiveness. Learning.com makes STEM accessible for schools and engaging for all students.

Portland, Ore. – April 12, 2012 – Learning.com releases new STEM curriculum for Middle School students.

Middle School STEM from Learning.com provides integrated science, technology engineering and math instruction with hands-on projects and career-focused units. The curriculum supports a number of STEM related goals: improving science and math test scores, meeting AYP objectives, preparing students and schools for the increased rigor of the Common Core State Standards and teaching engineering habits of mind.

Reaching students in the middle school years is critically important. At the middle school level, however, the challenges for schools magnify. Teachers rarely have time to find appropriate, effective curriculum and to create and implement STEM units. Engaging this student population requires extra attention and special care. Teaching with cross-curricular, integrated models requires training to produce effective results. Middle School STEM from Learning.com helps minimize all these challenges.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to deliver effective STEM education to middle school students. If we don’t reach them at that age, doors close and opportunities are lost,” says Bill Kelly, founder and CEO of Learning.com.

Middle School STEM is collaborative. It appeals equally to girls and boys. It builds 21st century skills like creativity and innovation and information fluency. It ties conceptual learning back to meaningful real world applications and creates excitement for careers in STEM fields. Districts would be hard pressed to find or create an equivalent student experience. Our approach saves time and money, delivers a high quality product and produces great results in the classroom.”

Middle School STEM comes with powerful tools and practical professional development resources from Learning.com for easy integration into existing instruction. And, as a web-delivered digital resource, Middle School STEM is available to schools at a fraction of the cost of many alternative programs.

Middle School STEM is an ideal approach for districts looking to introduce STEM into their curriculum, to quickly expand middle school STEM offerings, or add a robust new STEM focus to middle school math and science.

For more information, please visit: www.learning.com/msstem

About Learning.com
Learning.com provides digital curriculum and assessments that help students develop 21st century skills to prepare them for success in college and their future career opportunities. With Learning.com’s digital content management tools, teachers can organize and customize how they deliver content to students. Learning.com provides implementation and professional development services to support educators as they integrate technology into instruction and move to digital content. Founded in 1999, Learning.com currently partners with more than 2,700 districts. Follow us at twitter.com/learningdotcom.

About STEM education
STEM is an integrated approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM is designed to engage students and increase motivation with project-based learning. It encourages students to solve authentic problems and asks them to work with others to build real solutions. STEM initiatives have been shown to improve test scores in math and science and prepare students for college and career.

Why is STEM so important now? Most of us are aware of the growing demands of global competitiveness and of our technology driven economy. Training in math and science is vitally important to the competitive position of US technology companies. Highly skilled workers are becoming increasingly important across industries, according to numerous industry and government advocates. It’s not news that our world is rapidly changing. Nonetheless, it is still surprising to hear that the top 10 in-demand jobs in the US in 2012 did not exist in 2004. Companies with multi-billion dollar valuations have appeared from nowhere and disappeared completely within the last ten years. The rate of change is accelerating and today's students need to be adaptable and prepared. STEM, with its emphasis on applying knowledge and building 21st century skills, helps educators meet these challenges.

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“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to deliver effective STEM education to middle school students. If we don’t reach them at that age, doors close and opportunities are lost.”

Bill Kelly

Founder and CEO of Learning.com.