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Meet E-Rate and CIPA mandates with EasyTech Online Safety. is pleased to make the EasyTech Online Safety curriculum available for K-12 students at all of Ohio's chartered non-public and public school districts at no cost for the 2014-2015 year.

EasyTech Online Safety uses a positive, not fear-based curriculum based on current research to help students learn appropriate online behavior. It meets national E-Rate requirements for student Internet safety training and includes resources for teachers and parents.

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E-Rate and CIPA Compliance

E-Rate is a major funding source for school Internet access in the state of Ohio. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that recipients of E-Rate funds are required to comply with certain Internet filtering and policy requirements.

Starting in July 2012, CIPA began requiring that districts and schools have an Internet safety program in place for K-12 students. This includes providing students with education on safe and appropriate online behavior, including interacting with others on social networking sites and chat rooms, as well as cyberbullying awareness and response.

The Ohio Department of Education and INFOhio has partnered with to provide all Ohio public and chartered non-public districts with free access to EasyTech Online Safety curriculum during the 2014-15 school year.

As a former District Technology Coordinator, I have accessed a number of online learning management systems. Of all the systems I have used,’s is by far the easiest. It is very intuitive and simple to navigate. With my first use, I was able to create classes, assign curriculum, enroll students, and even create my own curriculum, with no training at all.

Lorrie Germann

State E-Rate Coordinator/Program Director


EasyTech Online Safety is a web-based curriculum for grades K-12, accessed through an easy-to-use online learning management system. It also provides detailed reports to show that your district meets E-rate requirements and documents compliance.

E-Rate/CIPA Mandates and EasyTech Online Safety

Watch this video by Lorrie Germann, State E-Rate Coordinator at Ohio Department of Education, to learn more about E-Rate/CIPA mandates and how EasyTech Online Safety can help you meet them.

Your students are online, make sure they’re safe

EasyTech Online Safety is a complete K-12 Internet safety curriculum that is easy for teachers to use as they need. It helps protect children, encourages safe educational use of the Internet, meets E-Rate requirements and documents compliance.

It’s an engaging curriculum—based on current research—with interactive, self paced lessons, group activities, guided practice and immediate feedback. It provides students with the skills to be safe, ethical digital citizens as they use the Internet and communication technologies. And, it provides teachers and parents with the skills and resources to support students as they tackle tough topics.


  • Students learn digital citizenship and safe use of the Internet
  • Teachers get support for addressing challenging topics
  • Schools and districts satisfy E-Rate requirements and document compliance
  • Web delivery enables quick starts and anywhere, anytime use
  • Integrates easily into a variety of teaching styles and learning environments


Comprehensive curriculum includes instruction on:

  • Cyber bullying prevention
  • Safe use of social networks
  • Safe texting and chat room use
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Protecting personal information
  • Inappropriate content
  • File-sharing

Curriculum based on current research

EasyTech Online Safety provides you with effective curriculum based on current research for teaching challenging online safety topics — including cyber bullying and sexting. The curriculum is designed in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Agatston, a national expert in Internet safety education, and includes detailed lesson plans and guides.

Grade appropriate, spiraling curriculum

We employ a spiraling curriculum that revisits topics as students grow — with units for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. EasyTech Online Safety adds depth and richness to the content as students get older. Topics are covered and subjects are handled appropriately for each age group.

Prepare students as they grow

We introduce topics throughout the school year in an integrated, appropriate way to support use of technology tied to core learning and student development. We revisit and reinforce important information throughout the year and, through the spiraling curriculum, across grade levels. This is far more effective than overwhelming students with too much information, out of context, once or twice a year.

Tackle challenging topics

Detailed notes, plans and guided discussions help teachers deal with potentially tough issues as they integrate online safety into core instruction. Parent resources are available in Spanish and English to help bridge the gap between school and home. Our materials for parents support a holistic approach to difficult subjects which often extend beyond school boundaries and jurisdiction.

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Pre-recorded Training for Coordinators

This pre-recorded training will provide you with a deeper understanding of the EasyTech Online Safety curriculum and will help you understand your role as coordinator. You will also learn how to create student accounts, track progress, and access reports. Watch Training »

Ohio Online Safety

This webinar introduces Ohio educators to the Ohio Online Safety project and the EasyTech online safety curriculum. Host, Tricia Kluener, District Technology Integration Specialist at Ross Local Schools, OH, joins, Jeff Meyer, Special Projects Manager to discuss eRate requirements for online safety education, the platform, EasyTech online safety curriculum, and how to assign it. Watch Training »

Getting Started Guides

EasyTech Online Safety Overview

How EasyTech Meets E-Rate’s Online Safety Requirements

EasyTech Online Safety exceeds E-Rate's requirements for providing online safety curriculum, and reports provide data to demonstrate compliance and student progress.

Access eTech Ohio Online Safety through

Step-by-step directions on accessing your eTech Ohio account through

User Import Tool Guide - Educator Upload

Find out how to create educator accounts using the User Import Tool.

User Import Tool Guide - Student Upload

Learn how to create and update student accounts with the User Import Tool.

Implementation Models

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EasyTech Curriculum Guides

Anatomy of an EasyTech Discussion

EasyTech Discussions are teacher-led and inspire student conversations about technology concepts.

Curriculum Icons

A guide to the EasyTech curriculum icons

Anatomy of an EasyTech Activity

EasyTech Activities complement classroom learning. Activities integrate what is already being taught in the classroom with hardware and software applications.

Anatomy of an EasyTech Game

EasyTech games were created for students to build fluency by practicing technology concepts while building core curriculum skills.

Quick Start Guide - Teacher Units

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a set of lessons and activities into one package in your account.

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