The Marketplace was discontinued on June 30, 2015.

As of June 30, 2015, users are no longer able to browse, purchase, or renew third-party content. This included all premium and free products from providers other than

Can I keep using my free teacher account?

Although many features were retired, free teacher accounts are still active if you would like to purchase small quantities of products from the new e-commerce storefront coming in the future.

Can new users still sign up for a free teacher account after June 30, 2015?

As of July 1st, free account sign-up is only available for users who wish to purchase products.

If you would like to continue using’s platform to seamlessly access, organize, and share varied digital content, we recommend your district or homeschool collective consider our new product Curriculum Foundry. For more information, please visit

What if I had free third-party content in my library that expired after June 30, 2015?

Ongoing free product access will depend on how you used this content. If you had content in your district as part of custom units, class assignments or favorites, we provided a set of replacement links to these same resources or services on July 1, 2015. Going forward your district will be able to update and edit this content to suit your needs.

What if I had premium third-party content in my library that expired after June 30, 2015? is no longer able to provide access to third-party data or renewed licenses via our platform. Instead your third-party provider will contact you directly to provide access to their content and facilitate renewals via other channels. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this necessary action caused you.

What about content I purchased from the Marketplace (e.g. EasyTech, Aha!Math, Aha!Science)?

Until you current license expires, you will continue to have access to your product(s) just as before. If you want to renew your subscription to products after June 30, 2015, a new storefront will be available for that purpose at a later date.

How can I renew or purchase additional individual licenses of content (e.g. EasyTech, Aha!Math, Aha!Science)?

Aha!Math and Aha!Science are no longer available for individuals to purchase. However while our plans for ongoing individual access are still in development, we do expect to make EasyTech available when our new e-commerce storefront reopens in the future. More details coming soon!