K-8 students develop 21st century skills by working through real-world problems.

Address digital literacy skills with Six projects per grade level; two in ELA, two in math, and one each in science and social studies. Projects help students learn about productivity tools, internet research, multimedia presentations, online communication, and more!

Inquiry projects integrate technology into core subject instruction.

Empower teachers with classroom-ready projects, lesson plans, implementation strategies, and a self-paced PD course.

Easily identify and address skill gaps with built-in pre-tests that assess technology skills and auto-assign included lessons.

Provide opportunities for students to evaluate and comment on their learning experience with project reflections.

Address 100% of the ISTE Standards for Students.

Accommodate ELL students with Spanish language instruction.

Inquiry Projects Overview

Inquiry’s projects were built following the Buck Institute of Education’s (BIE) model for project-based learning and incorporate inquiry-based research, team collaboration, student voice and choice, and presentation-to-peer audiences.

The projects are based on subject themes that continue from grade to grade, building upon what was learned the previous year. Project themes cover a range of important topics, including financial literacy, the writing process, environmental studies, and digital citizenship. Download the Projects Overview PDF »

Standards Alignment

Inquiry addresses 100% of the ISTE Standards for Students, and supports the technology standards within Common Core as well as the ELA and math anchor standards. Inquiry also aligns to state-specific technology standards.

Let’s Be Safe Online Project

Inquiry uses a project-based approach to integrate 21st Century Skills in core subject instruction. In the Let’s Be Safe Online project, elementary students learn smart ways to protect themselves online, and create a poster to teach their peers the importance of online safety.

Take Some Credit Project

Inquiry uses a project-based approach to integrate 21st Century Skills in core subject instruction. In the Take Some Credit project, middle school students learn about credit and the benefits and risks of using credit cards.

Friendly Letters Project

Inquiry uses a project-based approach to integrate 21st Century Skills in core subject instruction. In the Friendly Letters project, primary grade students learn about the parts, structure, format, and purpose of a friendly letter. They write and send a friendly letter to their favorite author, then reflect on their learning.

Implementation Models

Inquiry's project-based approach is ideal for use in blended learning implementations. Teachers coach students as they work collaboratively on projects, and students can complete much of their project work outside of the classroom. Inquiry can be used in a wide variety of settings, including computer labs, laptop carts, and BYOD or 1:1. Students can access Inquiry content through the App.

Students can work on Inquiry projects together with partners or in a small group. While some students use technology, other students work individually or in small groups on non-technology-related tasks. Students can also complete some project tasks at home.

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