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The Learning.com Marketplace Will be Discontinued June 30, 2015

Accounts are free and feature both free and for-purchase content from premier providers as well as content created by teachers for teachers. Free content can be accessed immediately. For-purchase content can be licensed with a purchase order or credit card. You can also use your existing licenses with no charge.

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Marketplace Transition FAQ’s

Effective June 30, 2015, Learning.com will close the Marketplace for Teachers. Until then we will continue providing technical support but there will be no new enhancements or content additions. If you are a Marketplace customer and/or third-party content user, learn more about what this means to you below.

What will happen with Marketplace until June 30, 2015?

Until the end of June, all Marketplace functionality and third-party content will be maintained. We will continue providing technical support but there will be no new enhancements or content additions.

What will be different after June 30, 2015?

After June 30th, users will no longer be able to browse, access, or purchase third-party content. This will include premium and free products. Related services such as free teacher accounts and third-party renewals will also be affected as described below.

Can I keep using my free teacher account until June 30, 2015?

Certainly! All current platform features and marketplace functions will be maintained for the duration of this school year (June 30, 2015). Your login access will not change during that time.

Can I sign up for a new free teacher account after June 30, 2015?

Free account sign-up will no longer be available once Marketplace closes on June 30, 2015. If you would like to continue using Learning.com’s platform to seamlessly access, organize, and share digital content, we recommend your district or homeschool collective consider our new product Curriculum Foundry. For more information, please visit Learning.com/Digital-Content.

How do I know if my current account is a “free teacher” account?

The easiest way to determine this is by reviewing your login information. Do you log in using “e-state name” (e.g. e-Texas, e-Oregon, etc.) as your district name? If so, your account is part of the free service and will be retired on June 30, 2015.

If you log in using your unique district name (e.g. Houston ISD, Portland Public Schools, etc.) then your account is part of a service your school, district, or state department purchased for your classroom use. There will be no impact to your account access. Your account will continue to be available in accordance to your Learning.com subscription terms.

What if I have premium third-party content in my library that expires after June 30, 2015?

You will continue to have access to third-party content via Learning.com until the end of June. Following the duration of this term, Learning.com will not be able to provide access to that data or renewed licenses via our platform. Instead your third-party provider will contact you directly to provide access to their content and facilitate renewals via other channels. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this necessary action causes you.

What will happen to Learning.com content I purchased from the Marketplace (e.g. EasyTech, Aha!Math, Aha!Science)?

Until you current license expires, you will continue to have access to your Learning.com product(s) just as before. If you want to renew your subscription to Learning.com products after June 30, 2015, a new storefront will be available for that purpose.

What if I have free third-party content in my library that expires after June 30, 2015?

For the remainder of the school year, you will continue to have access to third-party free content via our platform. Ongoing free product access will depend on how you currently use this content.

  • If you have a free teacher account, access to your content will no longer be available once your account is retired on June 30, 2015. We recommend you consider contacting the
    third-party provider directly to access this content from them after June 30, 2015.
  • If you use this content in your district with Learning.com’s MyCurriculum or Custom Curriculum Publishing, we will provide you a set of replacement links to these same resources or services. This action will be nearly transparent and will occur by the last day of June in parallel with the closing of Marketplace. Going forward your district will then be able
    to update and edit this content to suit your needs.

How can I find out when the content in my library expires?

After logging into your account, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “Edit” and select “Licensed Products” from the dropdown. Then click “Manage License” below a product to see that product’s expiration date.