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STEM Solution


STEM Solution

A truly integrated approach, our STEM solution engages students through project-based learning and higher-order problem solving. With custom implementation and ready-to-go curriculum, we make STEM a snap.
21st Century Skills

Digital Literacy and

21st Century Skills

Are your digital natives digitally literate? We integrate technology into core curriculum, provide a complete online safety curriculum, and prepare teachers and students for the rigor and relevance of high-stakes assessments.
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Next Generation Assessments

We've got the content, tools, and support to help you integrate technology across core curriculum areas, and the digital literacy preparation you and your students need to support Common Core implementation.

Now students have those digital skills, so teachers don't have to show them how to use the computers; they can get right to the academic content.

- Cheryl Beaman, federal programs director for Grand View Public Schools

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Learning.com Case Studies

Oklahoma Students Succeed with Digital Skills and Standards-Aligned
STEM Content

Discover how Learning.com helped Grand View Public Schools provide a world-class, technologically rich education for their 21st century learners.

For administrators at the Grand View Public Schools in rural Oklahoma, small size and challenging student demographics shouldn't stand in the way of providing a world-class, technologically rich education.

The 500-student, pre-K–8 district, located 70 miles east of Tulsa, is also in the heart of Cherokee County, headquarters of the Cherokee Nation. The student body is 70 percent Native American and high poverty, with 81 percent of students qualifying for free or reduced price lunch, and nearly 40 percent of families living below the poverty line. Some 25 percent of students are English language learners.

"Despite our challenges, we take our responsibility to provide a 21st century education to our students very seriously," says Cheryl Beaman, federal programs director for Grand View. "One of our recent initiatives was to use grant funding to implement a 1:1 computing environment for our sixth, seventh and eighth grades."

Of course, providing the hardware is only part of the equation; effective technology use depends on quality content. "We needed to provide our teachers with tools that will help them adapt to our new 1:1 environment," Beaman added, "and were looking for a company that provided content. That's when we found Learning.com."

Learning.com provides Web-based, standards-aligned content, tools, and services, including STEM and digital literacy curriculum. Grand View began implementing the STEM curriculum content and assessment tools from Learning.com for the 2010-2011 school year. "Their Aha!Math and Aha!Science programs give teachers the ability to differentiate instruction, and the content works well on an interactive whiteboard for group lessons and activities," says Beaman.

Even with great technology and content, however, Grand View students lacked the basic digital skills necessary to take full advantage of these tools. "But with Learning.com, we didn't only get great digital content; they also provide a complete digital literacy curriculum. Students know games, music and entertainment uses for technology, but not work-related skills, like how to search the Internet effectively, how to stay safe online, how to make good decisions about what to post, or how to create a digital project from start to finish. Those skills are what they learn with the EasyTech curriculum."

Grand View soon began using the EasyTech digital literacy curriculum in computer labs beginning in pre-K, continuing through fifth grade, and the district has already seen results. "We've noticed a huge difference in the fifth graders entering our 1:1 computing environment that begins in sixth grade," says Beaman. "Now students have those digital skills, so teachers don't have to show them how to use the computers, but can get right to the academic content."

The content and assessment tools have also aided special education in the district. "We had 100 percent of our sixth, seventh and eighth grade special education students pass the state math test this year," says Beaman. "That was so impressive, and it was because our special ed teachers have fully embraced everything that Learning.com has to offer."

Looking to the future, Beaman feels confident that Grand View, despite its many challenges, will continue to provide students with a quality education that includes the digital skills so crucial to succeeding in the 21st century.

"The digital skills curriculum in Learning.com is so critical; every student today needs to learn about digital citizenship," she says. "We know that the state of Oklahoma is currently working on new K12 standards for digital skills, but we also know we're going to be ahead of the curve, thanks to Learning.com."

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Longwood Central School District Prepares Students for Global Economy

New York district using Learning.com resources to teach and assess digital literacy.

In 2007, as part of their goal to meet technology literacy standards passed by the state of New York, administrators at the Longwood Central School District on Long Island were looking for a tool that would help them both integrate digital skills into core curriculum, and assess whether those skills were being taught effectively.

"The state requires that all students be ‘technology literate’ by the end of eighth grade,” says Ellen Pitrelli, director of technology. “This was defined as having an understanding of the concepts behind computing and software, the skills to use technology responsibly in the classroom, and the ability to acquire new knowledge using technology."

Pitrelli found a solution that would help the district meet these requirements for both students and teachers in the digital literacy tools available from Learning.com.

"The first Learning.com resource I was interested in was the TechLiteracy Assessment,” says Pitrelli. “It was a way of measuring and reporting growth in the digital skills of eighth grade students.” But, finding resources to teach digital skills in the grades leading up to that assessment was her next goal. “We also needed instructional materials and activities for the lower grades, and as I explored, I found that Learning.com was much more than an assessment; they offered a complete system to teach digital skills."

In addition to TechLiteracy Assessment, Learning.com offers a digital skills curriculum called EasyTech, a self-paced, interactive program for K-8 students to learn basic technology skills, which also includes online safety, keyboarding and word processing instruction for grades K-12

The process began with teachers. “We asked every teacher to take a technology skills assessment, which would help us determine their need for professional development,” says Pitrelli. “Then we formed a committee to develop a required curriculum for grades K-4 that would incorporate Learning.com resources, and a recommended, but not required, curriculum for grades 5-8.”

Each teacher received two hours of professional development on using the Learning.com resources effectively, and each K-4 student was assigned one 30-minute period per week in a computer lab to study concepts such as keyboarding, word processing, using multimedia, creating presentations, and effective Internet research skills, using the EasyTech curriculum. Every K-4 student receives a technology grade on their report card, and every eighth grade student take the TechLiteracy Assessment.

The results have been striking. In 2007-2008, just 53 percent of eighth grade students met the proficiency standard for digital skills on the TechLiteracy Assessment. By 2011-2012, after four years of using the technology curriculum resources from Learning.com, that number had risen to 72 percent of eighth graders meeting the standard.

“Our teachers have also benefited a great deal,” says Pitrelli. “From our initial assessment, it was clear that there were a number of areas in which our teachers needed additional support. The EasyTech curriculum also helped teachers learn these skills, and showed them how they could enhance their classroom teaching with digital content.

Looking forward, Pitrelli says Longwood administrators are focused beyond state mandates to the requirements of the Common Core State Standards, and Learning.com will be a key component in meeting them. “For us, Learning.com continues to be a one stop shop for all of the resources we need to teach students these digital literacy skills that are so crucial for the 21st century.”

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