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Internet Safety Cyber Bullying Lessons

Meet all your E-Rate requirements for online safety. Document E-Rate compliance with reports on student performance. Support students, teachers and parents with engaging and effective interactive lessons, resources and guides.

EasyTech Online Safety employs a positive – not fear-based – curriculum, based on current research. By revisiting and reinforcing concepts through our spiraling curriculum, students develop and retain the skills they need to safely navigate online.

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Your Students Are Online, Make Sure They’re Safe

EasyTech Online Safety is a complete K-12 Internet safety curriculum that is easy for teachers to use as they need. It helps protect children, encourages safe educational use of the Internet, meets E-Rate requirements and documents compliance.

It’s an engaging curriculum—based on current research—with interactive, self paced lessons, group activities, guided practice and immediate feedback. It provides students with the skills to be safe, ethical digital citizens as they use the Internet and communication technologies. And, it provides teachers and parents with the skills and resources to support students as they tackle tough topics.


  • Students learn digital citizenship and safe use of the Internet
  • Teachers get support for addressing challenging topics
  • Schools and districts satisfy E-Rate requirements and document compliance
  • Web delivery enables quick starts and anywhere, anytime use
  • Integrates easily into a variety of teaching styles and learning environments


Comprehensive curriculum includes instruction on:

  • Cyber bullying prevention
  • Safe use of social networks
  • Safe texting and chat room use
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Protecting personal information
  • Inappropriate content
  • File-sharing

Curriculum Based on Current Research

EasyTech Online Safety provides you with effective curriculum based on current research for teaching challenging online safety topics — including cyber bullying and sexting. The curriculum is designed in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Agatston, a national expert in Internet safety education, and includes detailed lesson plans and guides. Read more »

Grade Appropriate, Spiraling Curriculum

We employ a spiraling curriculum that revisits topics as students grow — with units for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. EasyTech Online Safety adds depth and richness to the content as students get older. Topics are covered and subjects are handled appropriately for each age group.

We introduce subjects as students are ready and prepare them as they grow.

We introduce topics throughout the school year in an integrated, appropriate way to support use of technology tied to core learning and student development. We revisit and reinforce important information throughout the year and, through the spiraling curriculum, across grade levels. This is far more effective than overwhelming students with too much information, out of context, once or twice a year.
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Tackle Challenging Topics

Detailed notes, plans and guided discussions help teachers deal with potentially tough issues as they integrate online safety into core instruction. Parent resources are available in Spanish and English to help bridge the gap between school and home. Our materials for parents support a holistic approach to difficult subjects which often extend beyond school boundaries and jurisdiction.

Purchase as Part of EasyTech or Separately

All online safety materials are available as part of Learning.com’s EasyTech – an award-winning, interactive technology literacy curriculum for elementary and middle school students. EasyTech Online Safety is a complete K-12 digital learning solution in its own right and can be purchased separately from the main EasyTech curriculum. This is a great way to address E-Rate requirements and online safety concerns. It can also provide an ideal introduction to the world of EasyTech.

E-Rate Requirements

Meet E-Rate Requirements

To qualify for E-Rate funding, the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) now requires districts and schools to have an Internet safety program in place for students from K-12.

EasyTech Online Safety provides you with a comprehensive, grade appropriate, spiraling curriculum that reinforces key messages throughout the year for each grade level and covers all your E-Rate requirements.

Beyond E-Rate

Beyond E-Rate

We go beyond E-Rate to help ensure your students are good digital citizens and have the skills they need for 21st century learning. We teach respect for intellectual property, how to find valid sources of information and cite them properly, cell phone safety, using good ergonomics, how to avoid online scams, avoiding identity theft, and much more.

“Our district was struggling to determine how to meet the online safety instruction requirements for E-Rate. I was extremely excited to discover that EasyTech, a solution we’ve used for years to integrate technology literacy into core content, now includes online safety curricula and completely meets the mandates set by E-Rate! And, the reports allow us to see all the levels of detail we need in order to know that every child has learned these critical lessons.”

Dr. Ellen J. Pitrelli, EdD, Director of Technology

Longwood Central School District, New York

Spiraling Curriculum

EasyTech Online Safety provides a grade appropriate, spiraling curriculum – topics are revisited each year with new, more in-depth units designed for K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

In the screen shots below you will see examples of how our cyber bullying curriculum changes with each age group.

K-2 Online Safety Overview


For K-2, an introduction to cyber bullying is presented through a teacher-led discussion. This discussion was created in collaboration with Dr. Agatston to ensure that it used the most effective, grade appropriate instructional strategies for the subject and is itself grade appropriate. Tachers provide authority and comfort as the curriculum introduces new concepts, rules and structure for safe use of technology.

3-5 Online Safety Overview


A self-paced, interactive lesson helps students learn to prevent, stop and not participate in cyber bullying. Students engage in class discussion about how they can support and befriend people that are being cyber bullied. Research shows the incredible value that this has for the targets of cyber bullying, and that some targets prefer private support over public.

6-8 Online Safety Overview


Interactive lessons and projects expand on information provided in the earlier grades. More information and context is provided to the lessons and discussions while remaining grade appropriate.

9-12 Online Safety Overview


Rich media, discussions and projects—including the production of a cyber bullying prevention video—provide a means of keeping high school students engaged and learning as the curriculum adds still more depth and information to what’s been covered in the elementary and middle school.

Fear Doesn’t Help

Positive approaches are more effective. That’s what current research shows. Learning.com collaborated with Patricia Agatston, a national expert on online safety, to provide EasyTech with foundation based on current research about what helps students be strong, aware and safe online.

The curriculum uses strategies such as social norming and empathy rather than disproven methods such as fear to positively influence behavior. Projects and classroom activities enable teachers to reinforce concepts and build peer support for positive decisions.

What really puts your students at risk online?

Hear national expert Patricia Agatston, Ph.D., discuss students and technology use, what puts youth at risk online, the key components of cyberbullying behavior, six key findings from the field of prevention, and what you can do as an educator to help keep kids safe.

Prevention of Cyber Bullying and Other Risky Online Behaviors
Dr. Patricia Agatston
June 29, 2010
Presented at ISTE by Learning.com
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About the Speaker

Dr. Patricia Agatston is co-author of the book, Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age, and of two curricula on cyber bullying. She is a licensed professional counselor and prevention specialist with Cobb Co. School District's Prevention/Intervention Center in Marietta, Georgia.

Dr. Agatston is a certified trainer and consultant for a bullying prevention program, is regularly quoted in national press, and has made numerous appearances on television and radio to discuss cyber bullying and other youth online high-risk behavior. She is also a regular presenter both nationally and internationally on cyber bullying.

Learning.com collaborated with Dr. Agatston to develop EasyTech Online Safety to ensure its effectiveness and that it avoids a fear-based instructional approach o keep students safe online.

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