EasyTech Keyboarding & Word Processing

Personalize Keyboarding Instruction for Students

EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing is an award-winning solution that measures existing speed and accuracy and automatically assigns engaging keyboarding instruction that adapts to each student’s individual needs. Students extend their keyboarding skills as they learn how to create, format, edit, and share word processing documents.

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EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing

Works on Tablets with External Keyboard Support

EasyTech Prescriptive Keyboarding lessons support your BYOD or 1 to 1 initiatives with one of the only tablet compatible keyboarding solutions currently available. Using the Learning.com App, students can access keyboarding instruction on iPad and Android tablets with full external keyboard support.

  • Engage students with fun interactive lessons and games
  • Prepare students for online assessments
  • Differentiate instruction with Prescriptive Keyboarding lessons
  • Extend students’ keyboarding skills in the included complete word processing curriculum
  • Support your 1 to 1 or BYOD tablet programs with the free Learning.com student app – now supporting external tablet keyboards
  • Save teachers valuable time with automatic scoring and grading
  • Quickly view student performance with electronic progress reporting
  • Allow students access to instruction outside of class to build their skills at home
  • Save resources with no special software needed – solution is entirely web-based and can be accessed anywhere
EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing

Includes a Complete Word Processing Solution

Keyboarding instruction is not complete without opportunities for students to practice and apply skills in creating, editing, publishing, and sharing word processing documents. With the included word processing scope and sequence, students learn how to create beautiful documents in a variety of word processing software applications and how to best format them for MLA or APA style and citation rules.

EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing

Automatic Student Progress Reporting

The Prescriptive Keyboarding report offers detailed information to help improve students’ keyboarding skills. Teachers and students can easily review time spent on practice, lessons covered, performance history, trend areas, words per minute, and overall accuracy by key. Each report includes recommended activities to improve specific keyboarding skills for each individual student.

EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing

Engaging Exercises

Additional Skill Builder Exercises and Story Challenges have been added to keep students engaged. Students can access any practice at anytime and as many times as they wish to improve their accuracy and speed.

EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing

Standards-aligned Scope and Sequence

Addressing the ISTE Standards for Students, EasyTech Keyboarding and Word Processing includes a full scope and sequence of instruction that’s flexible for all common implementations and for practice at home. Because the instruction is online and available on desktops, laptops, and tablet devices, students can access it anytime and anywhere, to further develop their skills.

EasyTech Keyboarding is a K-12 web-delivered curriculum that provides interactive, self-paced lessons to help students quickly develop keyboarding and word processing skills.

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