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New Jersey District Empowers Classroom Teachers to Teach Technology

“I want technology to be a resource within an overall content-based project, I don’t want it to be labeled as a tech project.”

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Texas District Uses Inquiry to Blend Technology Skills and Curriculum

“We’ve been striving for years to write lessons that would align with the technology TEKS, but it was a lengthy process. Inquiry does that work for us so we can just plug it into a teacher’s already-done lesson.”

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Preparing Students for Next Generation Assessments with the Right Technology Solution

“We especially liked the prescriptive keyboarding lessons that were built in, as well as the activities illustrating the appropriate use of technology. EasyTech had everything we wanted.”

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Donna Teuber

Digital Evaluation Tool Analyzes Information Fluency in South Carolina District

“We were very happy with the content and information we would gain. We also liked that we would be able to compare our students with other students in the country.”

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Melinda Smith

Rhode Island District Undergoes Two-Year Technology Transformation

“Having used the EasyTech curriculum at my previous district, I knew the program would effectively get our students up to speed with their technology skills.”

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Christine Coleman

New York Students Acquire Tech Skills During Everyday Instruction

“There’s a different thought and creation process from the brain to the keyboard, as opposed to writing on paper. Students need more opportunities for electronic writing to practice these skills and for college and career readiness.”

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Tony DeMonte

Illinois Elementary School District Brings Importance Back to Labs With EasyTech

“You can’t assume all the kids know how to use technology fluently. Even if students know how to text with two thumbs on a phone, that doesn’t mean they can type efficiently enough to write a paper in a single sitting.”

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Lorrie Germann

Ohio Partners with Learning.com for Online Safety Curriculum

“The feedback we received from schools using
Learning.com was overwhelmingly positive, and we’re proud to offer this resource to Ohio teachers and students at no cost.”

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Emily Bourgeois

Texas District Takes a Project-based Approach to Integrating Technology into Core Instruction

“The nice thing about Inquiry is that it moves students toward higher-order thinking and away from rote instruction. It’s helpful for developing the 21st century skills, like critical thinking, that students need.”

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John Morrison

N.J. Middle School Creates ‘Win-Win’ by Incorporating Technology into Social Studies

“With schools preparing students for online tests,
they’ll need a program that integrates technology into everyday instruction.”

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Kelly Ward

Philadelphia Educator Reinvents Computer Lab
with EasyTech

“The lessons are short, sweet and interactive. It makes everything I do easier and faster. This is the first time I’ve seen students relate the lessons to real-life software like Word and Excel.”

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Sally Musick-Meredith

Tennessee District Prepares Students for Online Assessments with EasyTech

"Teachers and students love EasyTech. Teachers are amazed at what their students are learning and they’ve realized how much our students were lacking those skills before. I take that as 100 percent satisfaction."

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Dawn Siech

Iowa Students Having Fun While Learning
21st Century Skills

"21st century technology use requires more than just word processing skills; it’s about finding valid and reliable resources online, understanding online etiquette, knowing copyright laws, taking technology and applying it to different situations."

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Jolynn Sapia

Long Island Students Develop Crucial
21st Century Skills

"This program is motivating. It’s addressing Common Core standards in an organized fashion. Students can rewind the short instructional videos if they don’t understand something, and a teacher can easily add more content to a particular topic."

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Digital Literacy is Just a Quick Click Away
for N.J. Students

"I was really impressed with their system, the quality of lessons and the fact that the lessons develop the 21st century skills outlined by the ISTE NETS-S as well as the Common Core Anchor Standards."

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Arizona District Prepares for
Next-Generation Assessments

"EasyTech is a program that allows my students to listen for knowledge, think critically about what they heard and act on it."

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