Hockinson School District

Washington District Improves Student Typing Skills With EasyTech

Thanks to a successful technology levy, all Hockinson School District students have iPads for the 2015 – 2016 school year. This 1:1 solution has replaced the traditional computer labs, and uncovered a surprising roadblock when it came to ensuring all students had the basic keyboarding and computing skills to use their new iPads successfully.

When Hockinson’s Technology and Learning Director, Tanna Colwell, was helping high school students set up accounts to register the district’s new iPads, she saw something that concerned her. “I noticed that a lot of high school students used the Caps Lock key to capitalize the first letter of a sentence,” she said. “I saw over and over that they have no idea how to use the keyboard. They didn’t use the Shift key to capitalize at all, and they didn’t know the Tab key is how you indent paragraphs.”

“We were very happy with EasyTech. It worked with the external keyboards, it worked on the iPad, it was age appropriate, and it taught them how to type rather than just having them practice typing.”

District Name:
Hockinson School District

District Size:
1,878 Students

Brush Prairie, WA

Solutions Utilized:

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