EasyTech: Build Your K-8 Students' Digital Literacy Skills

Prepare your Students for Academic Success

Equip students with critical skills including keyboarding, word processing, digital citizenship, and online safety, as well as media and information literacy skills.

EasyTech prepares K-8 students with the digital literacy skills they need to succeed in school and confidently take online assessments.

Prepare students for online assessments like PARCC and Smarter Balanced with included custom preparation sequences.

Meet E-Rate requirements and ensure students stay safe and ethical online with digital citizenship instruction.

Save teachers valuable time with automatic grading and electronic progress reports.

Engaging, standards-aligned instruction that can be used in a computer lab, 1:1, BYOD, or classroom setting.

Accommodate ELL students with Spanish language instruction.

Address 100% of the ISTE Standards for Students.

Personalize Keyboarding Instruction for Students

EasyTech includes a complete keyboarding curriculum that measures existing speed and accuracy and automatically assigns instruction that adapts to each student’s individual needs. The included reporting features help teachers quickly review time spent on practice, lessons covered, performance history, trend areas, words-per-minute, and overall accuracy by key.

Automatic Student Progress Reporting

The Prescriptive Keyboarding report offers detailed information to help improve students’ keyboarding skills. Teachers and students can easily review time spent on practice, lessons covered, performance history, trend areas, words per minute, and overall accuracy by key. Each report includes recommended activities to improve specific keyboarding skills for each individual student. See Sample Report »

Sample Lesson: Home Row Keyboarding

The EasyTech Keyboarding Lessons strengthens students’ keyboarding speed and accuracy in a fun and engaging way. The Home Row lesson is the first in a series of five lessons that teaches basic keyboarding techniques, including proper finger placement and posture. In this lesson, students focus on the home row keys.

Support Your BYOD or 1:1 Initiatives

EasyTech is one of the only tablet compatible keyboarding solutions currently available. Using the Learning.com App, students can access keyboarding instruction on iPad and Android tablet devices with full external keyboard support.

Ensure every student has the computational thinking skills needed for school, college, and the workplace.

Arm students with the foundations of coding skills necessary for advanced computer science topics.

Use EasyCode, a plug-in with EasyTech, to provide coding challenges so students can apply their computational thinking skills in a true programming language.

Introduce coding and computational thinking with a turnkey instructional tool as part of a complete digital literacy solution.

Make coding and computer science topics approachable and fun while preparing students for high school, college, and their future careers.

Prepare teachers to teach computational thinking and coding regardless of their computer science background.

EasyTech Scope & Sequence K–8 Overview

EasyTech’s scope and sequence along with the included grade-level pacing calendars make it easy to schedule and implement technology instruction. The table below provides an at-a-glance look at the EasyTech curriculum units and outlines the most appropriate grade levels to introduce each unit. Units include lessons, activities, games, journals, discussions, and quizzes that teach students to apply technology skills to their core subject area learning.

By adding our Resequencing Tool, you can create custom sequences to meet your district's unique instructional needs. View the scope and sequence (PDF) »

Standards Alignment

EasyTech addresses 100% of the ISTE Standards for Students, and supports the technology standards within Common Core. EasyTech also aligns to state-specific technology standards.

Word Processing Basics Lesson

The EasyTech Word Processing Basics teaches elementary students essential word processing skills in a fun and engaging way. This sample is from our Formatting Text lesson, which teaches students how to format text by using the bold, underline, italic, and font size features. Students also learn how to open documents and select, cut, copy, and paste content.

Cloud Computing Lesson

The EasyTech Computing in the Cloud lesson teaches middle school students about the Cloud a fun and engaging way. Students learn that the cloud allows complete access to computer software, applications, data storage, and collaboration whenever it is needed. Students also discover that cloud services can automatically synchronize data across multiple devices.

Cyberbullying Spanish Language Lesson

EasyTech offers its most popular lessons in Spanish to help English Language Learners develop critical technology and digital literacy skills. The Acoso Cibernético (Cyberbullying) lesson teaches students how to prevent, stop, and to not participate in cyberbullying, as well as how to report cyberbullying to a trusted adult.

Implementation Models

EasyTech's self-paced, automatically scored lessons, quizzes, and games are ideal for busy schools with limited teacher time. Teachers can assign sequences of instruction to classes, groups, or individual students. EasyTech is simple to implement in a wide variety of settings, including computer labs, laptop carts, and BYOD or 1:1. Students can also access EasyTech content through the Learning.com App. Because the instruction is entirely online and with no special software to install, students can access EasyTech anywhere, anytime.

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EasyTech is the fundamental backbone of our technology curriculum. I’m a firm believer that students need a solid foundation of technology skills before they are asked to apply those skills in the classroom and on Next-Generation Assessments.
Tony DeMonte - Instructional Technology Coordinator - Zion Elementary School District 6 – Zion, Illinois

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